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Land Treatment Cost Share Rates


Nebraska and Little Blue Eligible Practices

Signup during the months of February & March at your local NRCS office.

All Practices are subject to prior written approval from the NRD.

No. Practice Cost share %
NC-1 Terrace Systems 60%
NC-2 Terrace Underground Outlets 60%
NC-3 Water Impoundment Dams 60%
NC-4 Grade Stabilization Structures 60%
NC-6 Diversions 60%
NC-7 Grassed Waterways 60%
NC-8 Water & Sediment Control Basin 60%
NC-9 Dugouts for Livestock Water 60%
NC-10 Pasture Planting & Range Seeding 60%
NC-11 Critical Area Planting (grass) 60%
NC-12 Windbreaks 60%
NC-14 Planned Grazing Systems 60%
NC-16 Windbreak Renovation 60%
NC-17 Irrigation Water Mngmt. (no meter) 50%
NC-19 Repair Practices 60%
Little Blue Practices Only
LB-21A Buried Pipe (from well to pivot point) (only converting gravity system to pivot) 50%
LB-21B NEW Well Incentive Option 50%
LB-23 Stream Bank Protection 50%