NE Buffer Strip Program

Land eligible for enrollment in this program is cropland adjacent to perennial streams, intermittent streams, wetlands or permanent bodies of water or existing buffer strips established after January 1, 1996 along these areas.

The contract length is not less than five or more than ten years. Payment rate differs from dryland to irrigated cropland.

For more information on the Nebraska Strip Program visit the Nebrask Department of Ag Buffer Strip Website or contact Kent Thompson of the Little Blue NRD.

Pollution Control

Solid waste disposal and sanitary drainage.

Recycling and Reuse

Recycling and reuse of various waste products is an important component of natural resources conservation.  The Little Blue NRD participates in several collection and recycling activities including tire recycling, electronics recycling, and the collection of household paints, chemicals and hazardous waste.  These efforts are supported by partner local government agencies including the Trailblazer RC&D, counties and cities, with much of the cost offset by grants from the Department of Environmental Quality.

Drainage Improvement and Channel Rectification
Poor drainage, standing water and bank erosion creates a number of potential conservation, environmental and health issues.  The District offers technical and financial assistance to communities in correcting channel erosion and drainage problems to facilitate better storm water flow and lessen the negative health impacts of standing water which might harbor mosquitos and insect pests.