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The Nebraska Chemigation Act was adopted by the Legislature in 1986. The program provides the Natural Resources District and the Department of Environmental Quality the authority to document, monitor, regulate and enforce chemigation practices in Nebraska. The Act requires NRD's to inspect Chemigation safety, equipment and issue permits to potential chemigators or applicators.

What is Chemigation?

It is the application of any chemical, fertilizer or pesticide through a Jimproducers irrigation system. To legally chemigate in the District an operator must be certified to apply chemicals and obtain a chemigation permit from the Little Blue NRD. In order to be certified a person must complete a chemigation safety course and pass an exam every four years. Producers planning to chemigate during the growing season must renew chemigation permits by June 1st of each year.


Required Equipment for Chemigation

  1. Irrigation pipeline check valve
  2. Vacuum relief valve
  3. Inspection port
  4. Low pressure drain
  5. Chemical injector check valve
  6. Simultaneous interlock device


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Little Blue NRD Chapter 13, Chemigation Rules
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