NeRain (Nebraska Rainfall Assessment and Information Network) is aspecial project designed to include volunteers in a study of the fascinating and very complex patterns of rain, hail and snow from our weather here in Nebraska.  The Nebraska Department of Natural Resources in collaboration with the Nebraska Natural Resources Districts initiated this program. Take a moment to visit to the NeRAIN website.    The Nebraska Natural Resources District, Nebraska Department of NaturalResources, and other water-focused organizations, analyze and document data gathered by volunteers.  The data provides important daily decision-making information for agriculture, industry, home water use, utility providers, insurance companies, resource managers and educators. Precipitation reports by volunteers are transmitted via the internet to the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources each day.  Climate analysts process the data and prepare detailed maps showing rainfall patterns. Scientists and water managers study these maps to learn how storms develop and move across the region and to make water-use decisions.

The NeRAIN gauges used were provided to the volunteers through the local Natural Resources Districts and a grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust.

View the NeRain Website