Online Pumpage Reports FAQ’s

Do you want to submit your Pumpage Report online?

The LBNRD is now offering the opportunity to report your water usage online, even on your phone! You can see your certified acres, water usage, attach a photo, or not worry about the mail and see your pumpage report summary as soon as the readings are verified.

If you would like to join our platform please email Alicia Epps to sign up.

The following link is to the Producer’s Online Account Page:

Is the online option mandatory?

No, it is an option available to you for your convenience.

Will this be mandatory in the future?

No, it is an option available for your convenience.

Can I use it on my phone?

Yes, it is a website.   Wherever you have at least 3G, it should work.

Why can I not log in?

Please double-check the email address you typed in and the one on the pumpage report.  If they don’t match, email Alicia

Can I just leave a note?

Yes, the note is where you can ask any questions, or you can call the office

Will LBNRD leave notes?

It is possible, if you have a high or negative reading, a question would be asked.

What is the Rolled Over box?

Every Flowmeter has a rollover number, ex:

acre inches X .01 = 9999.99

gallons X 100 = 99,999,999

That box does the math equation to get the water used number.

What is the Registered Zero box?

 When a flowmeter is new or repaired, the starting number is zero.

Can I remove a flowmeter once I have submitted it?

No, it will have to be done in the office.  You can call or email to ask, and it will be done.

Can I just attach a photo?

Yes, you can attach a photo, and a LBNRD employee will enter the reading for you.

What if I show a flowmeter that I don’t farm?

Please either leave a note, email or phone in and we will remove it from your list.

Why am I not seeing a flowmeter?

If you are not seeing a flowmeter, please contact the office.

What is the yellow dot?

That is the location of the flowmeter.

Can I move the yellow dot?

No, that is on the office side, you can leave a note explaining where the flowmeter is located.

Why hasn’t my flowmeter been approved?

That gets approved on the office side, please be patient, we are reviewing the entry.

Why is my Summary by Flowmeter blank?

You will need to select which or if all flowmeters you want to view.  At the top of the page, there is a Please Select Flowmeter drop-down box.  You can select a few or all.  Then press the View Report button.  This report shows the previous 4 year’s water usage.

Why is the Beehive page just spinning?

  If you are in another district that uses Beehive as a database, you must use another email address.

Please get in touch with Alicia to get it set up correctly.

Contact information:

LBNRD office 402-364-2145

Alicia Epps office line 402-364-3728

Alicia Epps email

Kevin Orvis email