Municipal Water Systems Program

Municipal Water System Program

This program is intended to provide assistance to communities for improvements in their water system to mitigate the impacts of non-point source groundwater contamination for the protection and public health of the community’s residents. The reasons for system improvements must be related to the impacts of contamination from pollution sources that are non-point in nature, not from point source contamination. General modification, improvement, or expansion of a water well or distribution system are not eligible activities.

Included Practices:
    • Engineering assistance to determine to best alternatives for water system improvements;
    • Assistance in well location identification;
    • Assistance in water source development if a new well or other sources of water is necessary because of non-point pollution;
    • Water treatment if required due to non-point pollution.

All incorporated cities and villages within the Little Blue NRD are eligible to apply for assistance under this program. A community must be facing a present or imminent threat of the water supply from non-point pollution and making plans for infrastructural modifications to continue to provide their residents with clean, potable water.


The District will provide financial assistance to the city or village not to exceed 50% of the project and based on $20 per capita of community population derived from the most recent Federal census. A 50% local match is required. Financial assistance may be provided over a period of up to five years, depending on the total amount of the request by the community. A community may not apply for funding through the Municipal Water System Assistance Program more often than once every ten years. 

Total funding for this practice will be limited to the amount budgeted for the program annually by the Board of Directors, considering District budgetary obligations. The NRD reserves the right to evaluate and screen requests and prioritize requests based on the urgency of needs or administrative orders issued to the community by Ne HHS.

Contact the NRD to receive more information on this program.