Board of Directors Meeting

August 14, 2018

Groundwater Management Plan
Vadose Zone Assessment

  1. Call Meeting to Order – Randy Uhrmacher
  2. Pledge of Alliegence
  3. Roll Call of Directors
  4. Note: The Open Meetings Act is Posted by the West Door
  5. Publication of Board Meeting Notice
  6. Action to Adopt Board Meeting Agenda
  7. Action on Consent Agenda Items
    a. Acceptance of Board Member Absences
    b. Approval of July 10, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes
  8. Public Comment
  9. Action on Treasurer's Report – Warren Brakhahn
  10. Agency Reports
    a. NRCS Report – Janet Valasek
  11. Staff Reports – Donnie Engelhardt
  12. 8:00 PM - Public Hearing on Proposed FY 2019 Budgets
    a.  Open Hearing & Public Notice
    b.  Presentation of Proposed FY 2019 Budgets of LBPWP-N, LBPWP-S, and LBNRD
    c.  Questions, Comments, Testimony
    d.  Close of Hearing
  13. Action on District Budgets
    a.   FY 2019 Budget Little Blue Public Water Project
    b.   FY 2019 Budget Little Blue Public Water Project – South
    c.   FY 2019 General Little Blue NRD Budget
  14. Water Resources Committee Report – Alan Wiedel
    a. Action on Order for Rules and Regulations for Enforcement of  Groundwater Management Area
    b. Action on Order for Rules and Regulations for Enforcement of the Groundwater Management and Protection Act – Runoff Rules
    c. Action on Approval of Platte River New Depletions Area Final Map
    d. Other Business
  15. Projects and Planning Committee – Marlin Kimle
    a.   Action on Buffer Strip Application - Sykora
    b.  Action on Change Order # 2 Crystal Lake Renovation Project
    c.  Action on Archeological Survey for Recharge Project
    d.  Other Business.
  16. New Web Site Demo – Donnie Engelhardt
  17. Executive Committee Report
    a.  Renewal Resolution for LARM Insurance
    b.  Action to Approve Manager’s Job Description and Advertisement
  18. Public Comment – Additional public comments may be made at this time.
  19. Other Business - Opportunity to introduce an item for reference to the committee
    or placed on next month's agenda.
  20. Adjournment
  21. Review and Discussion of Platte River New Depletions Area Map
  22. 4. Review of Current Nitrate Readings and Implications of New Rules
  23. Other Business

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Board of Directors Meeting

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