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Board of Directors

The Little Blue NRD’s programs and policies are directed by a seventeen-member, locally elected, Board of Directors. These Directors are elected by the public for a four year term of office. Elections are held on even numbered years with the terms of office staggered so one-half of the Board Members are elected at one time.

The Board meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at the NRD headquarters in Davenport, Nebraska.

Executive Committee: Randy Uhrmacher, Chairman
Marlin Kimle, Vice-Chairman
Warren Brakhahn, Treasurer
Ed Fleharty, Secretary

Water Resources Committee: Warren Brakhahn, Lyle Heinrichs, Mason Hoffman, Kevin Kissinger, Jay Meyer, Lyle Schroer, Steve Shaw, Matt Spencer, Gene Thomas, Alan Wiedel

Projects & Planning Committee: Ed Fleharty, Joe Hergott, Everett Kellogg, Marlin Kimle, Chuck Rainforth, Matt Spencer, Jesse VonSpreckelsen, Alan Wiedel

Legislative Committee: Warren Brakhahn, Lyle Heinrichs, Joe Hergott, Mason Hoffman, Chuck Rainforth, Lyle Schroer, Gene Thomas

Research & Education Committee: Ed Fleharty, Everett Kellogg, Marlin Kimle, Kevin Kissinger, Jay Meyer, Steve Shaw, Jesse VonSpreckelsen

Board of Directors List
Subdistrict 1 Mason Hoffman
9145 W Saddlehorn Road
Roseland, NE 68973
Mason Hoffman
Subdistrict 1 Randy Uhrmacher
4465 W Hwy 6
Hastings, NE 68901
Randy Uhrmacher

Subdistrict 2

Warren Brakhahn
106 East H Street Hastings, NE  68901
Warren Brakhahn
Subdistrict 2 Charles Rainforth
1903 West 5th
Hastings, NE  68901
Charles Rainforth
Subdistrict 3 Edward A. Fleharty
1519 N Denver
Hastings, NE  68901
Ed Fleharty
Subdistrict 3

Everett Kellogg
111 University Street
Hastings, NE 68901

Everett Kellogg
Subdistrict 4 Kevin Kissinger
503 A Street
Glenvil, NE  68941
Kevin Kissinger
Subdistrict 4 Jesse VonSpreckelsen
31080 Hwy 14
Clay Center, NE 68933


Subdistrict 5 Matthew Spencer
1959 Road Z
Blue Hill, NE  68930
Matt Spencer
Subdistrict 5 Lyle Schroer
1579 Road 2600
Lawrence, NE 68957

Lyle Schroer

Subdistrict 6 Lyle Heinrichs
503 Road 4
Shickley, NE  68436
Lyle Heinrichs
Subdistrict 6

Steve Shaw
702 8th Street
Edgar, NE 68935

Subdistrict 7 Joseph Hergott
324 N 13th
Hebron, NE  68370
Joe Hergott
Subdistrict 7 Alan Wiedel
6072 Road M
Hebron, NE 68370

Alan Wiedel

Subdistrict 8 Jay Meyer
72365 559th Avenue
Daykin NE  68338
Subdistrict 8 Gene Thomas
71870 563 Ave.
Fairbury, NE  68352
Gene Thomas
At Large Marlin Kimle
1845 S Constitution Ave., Kenesaw, NE  68956
Marlin Kimle