LBNRD Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
7:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Groundwater Management Plan
Vadose Zone Assessment


***Note From Mike

  1. Call Meeting to Order – Randy Uhrmacher

  2. Roll Call of Directors

  3. Note: The Open Meetings Act is Posted by the West Door

  4. Publications of Board Meeting Notice

  5. Action to Adopt Board Meeting Agenda

  6. Action to Approve Consent Agenda Items
    a) Acceptance of Board Member Absences
    b) Approval of Minutes of March 13, 2018 Board Meeting

  7. Public Comment

  8. Action to Approve Treasurer's Reports – Warren Brakhahn

  9. Agency Reports
    a) NRCS Report – Peggy Shaw McBee - Thayer County

  10. Staff Reports – Donnie Engelhardt

  11. Water Resources Committee Report – Warren Brakhahn
    a)  Action to Approve the Sparling Irrigation Flow Meter
    b)  Discussion and Possible Action on Groundwater Rules and Regulations
    c)  Action to Deal with Violations of Groundwater Rules and Regulations
    d)  Discussion and Possible action on Rules for Administration of Groundwater Management Act – (Irrigation Runoff Rules)
    e) Action to Set Public Hearing Date
    f)  Other Business

  12. Education and Information Committee - Chairman
    a)  Action on High School Scholarships
    b)  Action on Other Awards
    c)  Other Business

  13. Status Report on Liberty Cove Fire Actions

  14. Action on Buffer Strip Application – SDD Farms LLC

  15. Action on Contracts for Construction at Crystal Lake – (DEQ & Game & Parks)

  16. Action to Approve Easements for WSF Groundwater Recharge Projects

  17. Authorize Bid Solicitation for WSF Groundwater Recharge Projects

  18. Legislative Activity Report – Mike Onnen

  19. Public Comment

  20. Other Business

  21. Adjournment


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2017-2018 Long Range Plan

Hazard Mitigation Plan

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