LBNRD Board Meeting Agenda
7:30 p.m. Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Groundwater Management Plan
Groundwater Management Plan Statutes

  1. Call Meeting to Order

  2. Pledge of Alliegence

  3. Roll Call of Directors

  4. Note Open Meetings Act Posted

  5. Publication of Meeting Notice

  6. Adopt Agenda

  7. Consent Agenda Items
    a) Accept Absences
    b) Approve November Minutes

  8. Public Comment

  9. Action on Treasurer's Report

  10. Report of the Auditor - Christy Haddan of Shultz & Associates

  11. Agency Reports
    a) NRCS Report - Dave Bedlan
    b) NRC Report - Lyle Schroer

  12. Staff Reports - Kent Thompson

  13. Blue Basin Model Presentation & Discussion - Marie Krausnick, UBBNRD
    a) Discussion & Possible Action on Contract for Modeling Services

  14. Water Resources Meeting Report - Warren Brakhahn
    a) Action to Change Pumpage Reporting Deadline
    b) Action on Request for Well Conversion to Irrigation
    c) Report on Hearing for PRRIP Stay Designation
    d) Action to Declare a New Water Use Stay in the PRRIP Area of Adams County
    e) Action to Suspend Well Drilling Stay in Remaining LBNRD
    f) Report on VIMP Stakeholders Process and Goals and Objectives
    g) Other Business

  15. Projects Meeting Report - Marlin Kimle
    a) Action on Cost-Share for Moellenbrandt Dam
    b) Action on Changes for Cost-Share Docket
    c) Complete Soil Testing Cost-Share Under Water Quality Funds
    d) Hay Bid for Prairie Lake
    e) Other Business

  16. Executive Committee Meeting Report
    a) Report on Consideration for Expense Policies Revisions
    b) Action to Appoint Nominations Committee
    c) Action on Senator Dinner
    d) Other Business

  17. Public Comment

  18. Other Business

  19. Adjournment


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