LBNRD Projects & Planning Committee Meeting
6:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 18 2017

Groundwater Management Plan (Draft)
Groundwater Management Plan Statutes

  1. City of Hebron Archery Range/River

  2. Review Urban Conservation Program

  3. Review Urban Parks Programs

  4. Update on Water Sustainability Fund (WSF) Projects

  5. Grants to be Considered for Submittals to Environmental Trust of 319 WQ

  6. Discussion of Prairie Lake Vegetation Management Plan

  7. FY 2018 Projects Planning Budget

  8. Other Business


LBNRD Water Resources Committee Meeting
8:00 p.m. Tuesday, July 18 2017

  1. Discussion of Adoption of Stay on Acres

  2. Fairbury Feedyard (Dustin Rippe) - Install a cattle feedlot well in Jefferson County

  3. Water Resources Budget

  4. Discussion of Rule Changes

  5. Other Business


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Vadose Sampling Preliminary Report

NRD Long Range Planning Leader's Survey

Hazard Mitigation Plan

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