The Little Blue Natural Resources District, University of Nebraska Extension, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service have planned another Earth Jamboree for 5th & 6th-grade students in Adams, Clay, Fillmore, Thayer, Nuckolls, and Webster counties.

Hands-on Learning

The previous Earth Jamborees have received high marks for educational value from teachers in attendance. Students enjoy the wide variety of hands-on learning experiences in which they participate.

No Cost

There is no charge for this event. All materials and supplies will be donated by the participating agencies and grants.


We will be involving 1000 students (500 per day) in activities to help them understand the important role they play in preserving our natural resources. The students will participate in each of the following sessions.

  • Amazing World Under Our Feet
    • Students will get the “dirt” on soil. They will learn how soil is made and discover that there is a dynamic “living world” under their feet.
  • Environmental Jeopardy
    • Students take a look at Nebraska farm production practices, water usage and quality, including the responsible use of agricultural chemicals and fertilizers.
  • Junk Art
    • Creative minds will work overtime to engineer the best Junk Art for the day. Students will use recyclable materials to make ART.
  • Science on the Farm
    • Why does a cow have four stomachs? Science on the farm will look into the livestock world and see what products we get from them.
  • Treasure Hunt
    • Students search the campgrounds for hidden treasure by using global positioning systems and learn about this technology in the process.
  • Wild World of Pest Management
    • In a Fun, interactive format, youth will be introduced to types of pests in our world, how nature controls the pests and how people safely manage them.
  • Chemical Look Alikes
    • Many chemicals have the same appearance, but are they really what they appear to be?
  • Wild Tracker (maybe)
    • Participate in mammal identification, wildlife tracks and skull identification with the Game Warden.


Since we are limiting the number to the first 1000 students to register, it is important that you register before September 14th, 2022. You can register below.