Dam Program

The purpose of this program is to participate in planning, design and financial assistance in the construction or rebuilding of dams located on private property.  Dams constructed under this program may involve one or more landowners. Public benefits to be achieved include: flood control, sediment & erosion control, and water conservation.  Other benefits include groundwater recharge, beneficial use of impounded water, fish and wildlife enhancement.

Current Projects

The Little Blue NRD has assisted citizen groups and governmental agencies in their efforts to reduce and prevent soil erosion, flooding and related resource problems along with trails development in urbanized areas. Recreation areas have been built, parks have been improved, trees have been planted and drainage installed all in the effort of improving the natural resources of the District.  

Programs that make these projects possible are the Urban Park & Recreation Program, Urban Conservation Program and Community Tree Program. Click a name of a Special Project below see how the Little Blue NRD has been assisting communities over the past several years.

Buffer Strip Program

The Nebraska Buffer Strip (NBSP) was created by the Nebraska Legislature in 1998.  The program encourages landowners to establish buffer strips, specifically filterstrips and riparian forest buffers, along vulnerable surface water resources. Buffer strips are an effective means of reducing sediments and other pollutants in runoff.  Funding for the program is from a fee assessed on pesticides registered for sale in Nebraska, and is administered by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA), Nebraska’s Natural Resources Districts, and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).