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Pumpage Reports Due

Please turn in completed pumpage reports to the Little Blue NRD office by December 31, 2019.

Fall Water Levels

2019 Fall Static Water Levels are up from the fall of 2018! Last year the fall colored water level map had changes that ranged from declines shown in red, and rises shown in blue.  This fall there was difficulty finding enough differing shades of blue to depict the water table rises across the district!  On the change map the weighted average rise for Geologic Unit 1 was +2.57, for Geologic Unit 2 the change was a +1.56.  This is the 2nd largest fall rise, the District averaged an increase of +3.20 feet from the fall of 1992 to 1993.

Nebraska Buffer Strip Program

Croplands adjacent to perennial and seasonal streams, ponds and wetlands can be enrolled in the buffer strip program. This program is designed to filter agrichemicals such as fertilizer and pesticides before they enter surface and groundwater supplies.

Land eligible for enrollment in this program is cropland adjacent to perennial streams, intermittent streams, wetlands or permanent bodies of water or existing buffer strips established after January 1, 1996 along these areas.

Job Announcement: Field Office Secretary

Applications are due November 15, 2019. The Little Blue Natural Resources District (LBNRD) is accepting applications for a Field Office Secretary to work in the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Office in Hebron and Nelson Nebraska.  The Field Office Secretary is a full-time position which will work under the daily supervision of the office’s Resources Conservationist in carrying out secretarial functions identified on the Job Description.  The candidate must be a team player, able to work directly with other professional staff persons as well as independently and be proficient in carrying out specific job duties. 

Twin Valley Weed Management Area – Tree Programs Announced

The highly successful Eastern Republican and Little Blue Riparian Improvement Project continues ongoing efforts to eradicate invasive species, control vegetation in stream channels, and improve riparian habitat along the Republican and Little Blue Rivers and their tributaries within eight of the Twin Valley Weed Management Area (TVWMA) counties.

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