Press Release – May 15th, 2024.


DAVENPORT, Nebraska – The Little Blue Natural Resources District (LBNRD) Board of Directors has imposed an immediate stay, beginning May 14th, 2024, on the construction of all high-capacity irrigation wells and expansion of irrigated acres in Hydrogeologic Area 1. Such a stay shall remain in effect indefinitely unless specific action of the Board dictates otherwise. Inactive wells, or wells that have no associated certified acres and are shown on LBNRD records as not in use for the previous three years may not be brought back into service. However, a variance can be requested to have an inactive well be considered as a replacement well.

Exemptions for replacement wells include wells that pertain to human health, safety and welfare, or range livestock, or injection wells, including heat pump installations and groundwater remediation systems.

Irrigation projects for which the owner/operator have substantially completed may be allowed to be completed. Notification and documentation of substantial completion are required as proof of such completion.

During the time that a stay is in place, if the water source for certified irrigated acres is lost due to landownership changes, disputes, or other reasons, and no new acres will be irrigated, the affected landowner may apply for a permit to construct a well to serve the formerly certified acres, with no increase in acres.

The full text of the Groundwater Rules and Regulations, along with a map of the stay area, can be found on the LBNRD website at and at the Little Blue NRD office at 100 East 6th street, Davenport, Nebraska, 68335. (402) 364-2145.