The 10th Anniversary edition of Adventure Camp about the Environment (ACE) is coming to the State 4-H Camp at the Nebraska National Forest near Halsey.  ACE promises both fun and adventure while learning about the environment. The camp is sponsored by Nebraska’s Resources Districts and focuses on hands-on activities, including water resources, soil and land, forestry, range and grassland, wildlife and aquatics.  ACE will be held Sunday, June 16 to Wednesday, June 19, 2019 and is open to students who have completed sixth, seventh, or eighth grade.  See the camp poster here.

During the camp, students will have a chance to roll up their sleeves and dig into nature and form a new understanding of the environment through interactive participation.  In addition, the students will have a chance to enjoy that environment through activities such as canoeing, climbing, the water slide, and other adventures. Students will also learn about possible careers in the area of natural resources from the professionals who work those jobs daily.

Camp cost is $215.00 and registrations are due May 31, 2019. For more information, registration forms, and scholarship availability, please contact Elysabeth Kierl at the Little Blue Natural Resources District, 402-364-2145.  

Learn more camp details from this NTV interview with Lexi Hintgen of Upper Loup NRD and the ACE Committee. 

Partnering with Nebraska’s NRDs to provide training are the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, University of Nebraska Extension, USDA-Nebraska Natural Resources Conservation Service, Nebraska National Forest, Bessey Nursery, Nebraska Forest Service, Nebraska State 4-H Camp, and Hooker County Turner Youth Foundation.