The Little Blue Regular Board Meeting is at 7:00 pm, January 12th, 2021 in Davenport, Nebraska at the headquarters Board Meeting Room located on the south side of the building, east door.

Printable Agenda

• The Oath of Office will be administered to newly elected board members at 7:00 PM

1) Call Meeting to Order – Marlin Kimle

2) Pledge of Allegiance

3) Roll Call of Directors

4) Note: The Open Meetings Act is Posted by the West Door

5) Publications of Board Meeting Notice

6) Action to Adopt Board Meeting Agenda

7) Action to Approve Consent Agenda Items

a) Acceptance of Board Member Absences
b) Approval of Minutes of December 8th, 2020 Board Meeting

8) Action on Treasurer’s Report – Jay Meyer

a) Report of Treasurer Bonding Requirements
b) Report on District Investment Procedures

9) Legal Counsel to Address the Board (Blankenau)

10) Executive Session

11) Consideration of Potential Sub-district three Board Member Applications

12) Action to Authorize Signatures for Banking Activites

13) Nominations Report and Election of NRD Officers and Representatives

14) Appointment of Voting Delegate for NARD Legislative Conference

15) Caucusing for the NRC

16) Agency Reports

a) NRCS Report – Janet Valasek
b) NARD Report – Lyle Heinrichs
Take Action to Approve Resolution from NARD for Purchase of New Association Building as Provided
c) NRC Report – Lyle Schroer

17) Presentation from Nebraska Healthy Soils Task Force (Mike McDonald)

18) District Appointments

a) Review of Auditor
b) Review of District’s Legal Counsel

19) Executive Committee

a) Recommend 50% NRD Contribution for Employee’s Family Coverage
b) Consider Boardroom Chair Purchase
c) Recommend to Approve NRD/NRCS Cooperative Agreement

20) Water Resources Committee

a) Groundwater Transfers (2)
b) Other Business

21) Rural Water Update – Kevin Orvis

Minutes From Meeting