The Trailblazers Resource Conservation & Development (RC&D) located in Red Cloud spearheaded the electronic waste collection efforts through grants secured with the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.  Little Blue NRD recycled 90,834 that could have otherwise been thrown into landfills!

According to a report conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association in 2013, the average American household uses about 28 electronic products such as personal computers, mobile phones, TVs and electronic readers (e-readers). The EPA reports that in 2015, Americans generated 3.09 million tons of obsolete electronic products. Sadly only 12.5% of “e-waste” is recycled. Those “e-waste” products left in the landfills pose a severe threat to our environment as they often contain hazardous materials such as mercury, which can cause adverse reactions to the environment. Old television sets, as well as CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors, contain approximately 4 to 8 pounds of lead, a neurotoxin. Improper disposal means these toxic substances can leach into the ground.

Fortunately for the Little Blue NRD, we were able to prevent 45 tons of e-waste from hitting area landfills through the grant put together by the Trailblazers RC&D and submitted to the Nebraska DEQ.  These collection events are scheduled every other year within the Little Blue & Lower Republican Natural Resources Districts.

Several agencies worked together to make this particular effort a success: Little Blue NRD, Lower Republican NRD, Trailblazers RC&D, Nebraska DEQ, Harlan County Commissioners, Franklin County Supervisors, Webster County Commissioners, Nuckolls County Commissioners, Clay County Supervisors, Fillmore County Supervisors, Thayer County Commissioners, various FFA chapters and multiple volunteers!  The Little Blue NRD would like to congratulate all those involved in having such a successful event!

A total of 129,365 pounds of e-waste was collected from seven locations across the Little Blue and Lower Republican NRDs.  

Pounds Collected
NRD Location Pounds
Lower Republican NRD Alma                  6,843
Little Blue NRD Clay Center                11,824
Lower Republican NRD Franklin                  8,965
Little Blue NRD Geneva                28,965
Lower Republican NRD Guide Rock                22,753
Little Blue NRD Hebron                31,256
Little Blue NRD Nelson                18,789
Total              129,395
Little Blue NRD              90,834 45.417 Tons
Lower Republican NRD              38,561 19.2805 Tons