LBNRD Staff In The Field

This summer, you may have seen the Little Blue NRD vehicles out and about throughout the district.  Ever wonder what they were doing?

Here’s a few things we currently have going on in the district:


Chemigation Inspections

This year we have received more new chemigation permits than ever – and we’re thrilled to have so many!  Chemigation is an excellent and efficient way to apply insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers and soil amendments to your fields! Advantages of chemgation include a more uniform application of the listed chemicals, nutrients are applied on basis of crop need instead with an increase in absorption by the plants.    By utilizing chemigation the applicator must have a current applicators license and must have applied for the permit with the Little Blue NRD.  

Because an inspection of the equipment is mandatory before a chemigation permit can be approved, Jim Oltmans has been very busy in the field checking these wells and valves.  

Nitrate Samples

Nitrates in the water should be a concern of every person who drinks groundwater in our district.  Nitrate levels higher than 10 ppm have been labeled unsafe for pregnant women and young children.  Nitrate filtration systems can be very costly, so ensuring the water quality of the water you bring into your homes is very important to the Little Blue NRD.

Little Blue NRD staff have been traveling throughout the district collecting water samples from all the active irrigation wells.  This enables us to compile data, present the Board of Directors with our findings, and see if there need to be changes implemented in our Groundwater Rules & Regulations.

Flow Meter Repairs

During irrigation season, it is required that all flow meters be in proper working order.  If they happen to fail, the Little Blue NRD staff should be informed immediately.  

Once notified of the failure, LBNRD staff allow you to decide who to fix the meter (as long as it is on our approved list).  We do offer meter repairs at cost as well.  

If you chose for the staff at LBNRD to repair your meter, if you wish us to remove the meter – we will visit the site, remove the meter, make the appropriate fixes and then let you know when it is repaired. 

Recreation Area Maintanence

Little Blue NRD staff are always busy ensuring your stays at our Recreational Areas are top-notch.  Staff travel throughout the district to our six recreation areas to pick up trash, mow and perform general maintenance to the parks.