The Little Blue Natural Resources District invites you to submit qualifications for the professional engineering services related to the survey and conceptual design for potential projects to reduce flooding near Kenesaw, Nebraska. The study area just north of Kenesaw will be referred to as the K-dike.

The K-Dike is located within the Thirty Two Mile watershed, and is part of a project that was completed in the 1970’s to reduce flooding in and around Kennesaw. The K-dike consists of a berm and ditches that were constructed to divert storm water around the Village of Kennesaw. The NRD would like to look at options that would potentially improve on the existing structures to reduce flooding around the K-dike and Kenesaw area.

The primary objective is to supply the NRD with an updated understanding of the flooding and drainage issues from surface water in the area. This study will consider surface water drainage that results in flooding.

This project should allow for the identification of the problem areas upstream and around the Village. The study will include flood maps showing the recent flood events, potential projects, and how these potential projects would reduce the impacts from future flooding events. For any additional information please contact Kyle Hauschild at the Little Blue office at (402) 364-2145 or by email at

Qualifications will be received by the Little Blue NRD on or before 12:00 noon, January, 3, 2019 in the NRD office located at 100 E 6th St. Davenport NE, 68335.

The project selection team will review the qualifications submitted, prioritize the applicants, and then begin negotiations with the top consultant.