In order for the public to get to know the candidates before they head to the polls, Little Blue Natural Resources District has contacted all candidates who are running for office in the 2018 election season. All candidates received the same questions. The following pdf is merely a compilation of their answers. If there is a particular question you would like to ask a candidate, we urge you to contact the candidate directly.

The Little Blue NRD’s programs and policies are directed by a seventeen-member, locally elected, Board of Directors. The public selects these directors for a four-year term of office. Elections are held on even-numbered years with the terms of office staggered so one-half of the Board Members are elected at one time.

November 6th polls open for the constituents of the Little Blue NRD to vote for their favorite Board of Director candidates for the 2018 election season.   These elected board members carry a tremendous responsibility on their shoulders. Some of their duties are to set policies and priorities for the district, provide guidance for the manager and manage employees, serve as representatives of both rural and urban interests, and to work to serve for the common good instead of personal gain. The Board’s vision is to be recognized as a leader in natural resources policy and management based on sound science with a mission to provide leadership in the promotion and enactment of cost-effective programs and projects that preserve and protect natural resources for all future uses.

The Board meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at the NRD headquarters in Davenport, Nebraska.