Notice is hereby given that the Little Blue Natural Resources District (LBNRD) will hold a public hearing Tuesday, June 11th at 6:45 p.m., immediately preceding the full board meeting, in the LBNRD boardroom, located at 100 East 6th Street, Davenport, NE. The purpose of the hearing is to receive public comment on proposed amendments to the LBNRD’s “Groundwater Management Rules and Regulations”. A summary of the proposed amendments follows:

• Definition of “Inactive Well” added.
• Renaming trigger levels throughout the rules to differentiate between “Groundwater Quantity Trigger” and “Groundwater Quality Trigger” in order to promote clarity.
• Removing a date by which high-capacity wells and irrigated acres were to be certified.
• Grammatical changes.

The full text of the proposed rule changes can be found on the LBNRD website at and at the Little Blue NRD office at 100 East 6th street, Davenport, Nebraska, 68335. (402) 364-2145.

Persons wishing to provide testimony regarding these proposed changes may submit written comments in lieu of live testimony. All written testimony should be delivered to the LBNRD offices prior to the hearing. Persons who may require auxiliary aids to participate in the hearing, should contact the LBNRD at the number above to request such aids prior to the hearing