Date: April 11, 2023

To: Prospective Consultant

From: Little Blue Natural Resources District

RE: Request for Proposal – Development WFPO Watershed Plan – Environmental Assessment for – Thirty-Two Mile Creek Watershed Improvement Project in Adams County, Nebraska

The Little Blue Natural Resources District (LBNRD) is accepting proposals for the following project:

Development WFPO Watershed Plan – Environmental Assessment for – Thirty-Two Mile Creek Watershed Improvement Project in Adams County, Nebraska

Response Deadline: May 5, 2023 @ 4:30 PM Central Time

Contact: Scott Nelson, General Manager
Little Blue Natural Resources District
100 East 6th Street, P.O. Box 100, Davenport, NE 68335

Prospective consulting firms may approach this project in any manner they see fit, provided that the core components of this request for proposals are met. Consulting firms may form teaming arrangements, but the submission must come from a single firm. Project information, scope of work, and submission requirements are detailed below.

Project Objective:
The LBNRD is seeking an engineering firm to develop an approved Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Watershed Plan – Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Thirty-Two Mile Creek Watershed (See Figure 1 above) in Adams County, Nebraska. The purpose of this Watershed Planning effort is to provide flood damage reduction and watershed protection for the Villages of Kenesaw and Juniata and to improve water quality entering Prairie Lake. The project’s goal is to establish a recommended plan through an assessment of alternatives supported by public engagement and sponsor participation that follows the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process.

Project Background:
The LBNRD is a local governmental entity, located in south-central Nebraska. Some of the LBNRD’s responsibilities include the following:
1. Development, management, utilization and conservation of groundwater and surface water.
2. Soil Conservation.
3. Erosion prevention and control.
4. Flood prevention and control.
5. Water Supply for any beneficial uses.

The proposed Thirty-Two Mile Creek Watershed in the Adams County planning area covers a total of 64,761 acres.

The two rural communities within the planning area include Kenesaw and Juniata. This effort will result in an approved PL-566 Plan-EA that will guide the Sponsor on where to most effectively locate structural and non-structural projects to achieve flood prevention, watershed protection, agricultural water management and water quality management. Potential project alternatives include no action, large dams, small dams, grade stabilization structures, upgrade an existing dike to a levee, dry detention cells and improved water conveyance involving county roads. The plan will be created based upon NRCS’s Title 390 National Watershed Program Manual (NWPM).

Scope of Work:
The LBNRD is seeking firms with qualifications to complete this plan in accordance with the policy set forth in the NRCS Title 390, NWPM. Planning procedural guidelines for creation of the New Watershed Work Plan-Environmental Assessment (Plan-EA) shall follow NRCS Title 390, National Watershed Program Handbook (NWPH). NRCS water resources projects must comply with the latest Principles, Requirements, and Guidelines (PR&G) for Water and Land Related Resources Implementation Studies. Refer to the following webpage for PR&G:

The primary components of the plan will include the following tasks:

Task 1: Identify Problems, Opportunities, and Concerns
This task will involve development of the Plan of Work and a public participation plan along with agency scoping meetings and two open house public meetings to obtain feedback on water resource concerns to be addressed in the plan.

Task 2: Determine Objectives
This task includes writing the purpose and need statement and establishing a plan outline. Includes correspondence and review with NRCS State Office staff. Ensuring the path forward is complete and compliant with Title 130 National Watershed Program Manual requirements.

Task 3: Inventory Resources
Includes data gathering, watershed site tour, formulation of feasible alternatives, economic and social assessment, cultural resource assessment, and geologic and engineering assessment. Preparing and sending letters/notifications to agencies and the public.

Task 4: Analyze Resource Data
This task includes an analysis of all collected resources through statistics, maps and hydrogeology. Information will be used to support the establishment of a list of initial alternatives.

Task 5: Formulate Alternatives
A list of initial alternatives, including no action, will be established, and discussed with the LBNRD and other key stakeholders. Establishment (or updating existing) hydrology and hydraulics model and use of LiDAR to guide design.

Task 6: Evaluate Alternatives
This task includes an alternatives assessment using an alternative screening assessment such as an evaluation matrix. A list of evaluation criteria will be used such as technical feasibility, social acceptance, financial, etc. to evaluate and score alternatives. Includes site selection, planning level design of preferred alternatives, and initial benefit-cost assessment (BCA).

Task 7: Plan Development/Make Decisions
Includes drafting the plan document and completing all reviews with the Nebraska State NRCS office and other resource agencies participating in the NEPA process. Includes preliminary design of the preferred alternatives, cost estimating, summary of permitting needs, data gaps, and completion of the BCA. Includes compiling and addressing all responses and input. Completing the final plan and working through the review process with the National Water Management Center. Printing and delivering appropriate hard and electronic copies after successful National Programmatic Review.

Submittal Requirements:
Proposals will be accepted at the LBNRD Office until 4:30 PM Central Time on May 5, 2023. Three paper copies must be submitted along with an electronic (pdf) format on a memory stick or equivalent device. Late proposals will not be eligible for consideration. The following shall be included in the submission:

Statement of Qualifications (Not to exceed 8 single sided pages):
1. Firm name, address, telephone number.
2. Names of principals and states in which they are registered.
3. Names of key personnel to be utilized, experience of each and length of service with the firm.
4. Outside subconsultants and associates that might be employed.
5. List of similar completed projects for which the firm was the principal professional.

Proposal for this project including the following items (Not to exceed 10 single sided pages):
• Cover Letter Expressing Interest in the Project
• Project Understanding
• Proposed Project Approach
• Related Experience
• Workload / Willingness and Capability to Meet Time Requirements
• Conflict of Interest Statement
• Description of Insurance
• Proposed Project Schedule
• Breakdown of Costs by Task Listed in Scope of Work
• Total Cost of Project
• Other Relevant Information

Proposals will be reviewed, and the award made to the proposal giving consideration which shall include, but not limited to, the following:
a. Firms which have sufficient professional manpower to meet project schedule of 24 months.
b. Firms with a sound performance record for meeting time and budget requirements.
c. Firms which possess project experience and management ability.
d. Firms with recent, current, and/or a projected workload with the LBNRD.
e. Firms that display a strong project understanding.
f. Any other specialized qualifications which firms might possess to benefit the project.

Expenses for developing and presenting qualifications shall be the entire responsibility of the Respondent and shall not be chargeable to the requesting entity. All supporting documentation and manuals submitted with these qualifications will become the property of the LBNRD, unless requested by the Respondent, in writing, at the time of the submission, and agreed to, in writing, by the LBNRD. The selection committee may select a firm from the proposals submitted or may request additional information from a firm or firms.

Accept/Reject Proposals:
The LBNRD reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, wholly or in part; to waive technicalities, irregularities, and omissions; to make the award in a manner deemed to be in the best interest of the District; and to correct any award erroneously made because of a clerical error on the part of the District.

No Obligation:
This RFP in no manner obligates the LBNRD to the eventual purchase of any products or services described, implied, or which may be proposed, until confirmed by written agreement, and may be terminated by the District without penalty or obligation at any time prior to the signing of an agreement.

Questions and Contact Information:
For questions regarding the information contained in this RFP call or email:
Scott Nelson, General Manager
Little Blue Natural Resources District
(402) 364-2145

Submissions will be accepted at the LBNRD Office until 4:30 PM Central Time on May 5, 2023:
Attn: Scott Nelson, General Manager
Little Blue Natural Resources District
100 East 6th Street
P.O. Box 100
Davenport, NE 68335